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Key Features of Long Power Short Compression Engine

This engine features a compression stroke that, due to valve timing, is only a fraction of the lenght of the power stroke.

The first distinguishing feature is the extremely long power stroke, designed to extract the maximum amount of work from the hot gases, and exploiting that the temperature normalized volume of the burned combustion products is much greater than that of the volume of the initial fuel - oxider mixture.

The second distinguishing feature is a much shorter compression stroke, implemented through valve timing, that compensates for this preburn-post burn volumetric variation.

This variation in compression and power stroke variation is the principle feature of the engine.

The third distingushing feature is the opposed design that allows the power stroke of one end to supply the compression stroke of the other.

Other features include the long connecting rod which is a linear gear. This linear gear has an I-Beam cross section to maximize bending strength. The power takeoff point of this engine is the linear gear.

The cylinder walls feature thermal insulation to insure the maximum work is extracted from the hot combustion gases.

The valve timing at the end of each cylinder is computer controlled and the valving is solenoid actuated.

The thickness of the cylinder walls is tapered according to the hoop force strength required at each point in the power stroke. This feature minimizes weight.

Added 1:57 PM 2/5/2003

The PTO, power takeoff point is a DSP controlled electric generator/motor. The phase of the current and voltage are precisely controlled during the stroke.

The phases of the variable compression ratio cycle are as follows:

0) a short compression stroke: After the piston is well on its way toward's the top of the cylinder, the exhaust valve closes. Fuel rick gases admitted during the earlier part of the stroke are now compressed.

1) a very long power stroke: During this period the exhaust valve at the top of the engine is closed. When the piston is in the vicinity of the maximum compression point, the ignition system fires and the piston travels down the full length of the very long cylinder. During this time, fresh air that has been drawn in at ambient pressure at the base of the piston during the compression stroke is compressed down an annular return duct

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