HP Dr. Drake
Summary Notes
L. Van Warren

Chapter 7
Structures of Proteins


1. Secondary Structure

A. Peptide Bond

B. Helical Structures

C. Beta Structures

D. Nonrepetitive Structures

  2. Fibrous Proteins

A. alpha Keratin - A Helix of Helices


B. Silk Fibroin - A beta Pleated Sheet


C. Collagen - A Triple Helical Cable

D. Elastin - A Nonrepetitive Coil

  3. Globular Proteins

A. Interpretation of Protein X-Ray and NMR Structures

B. Tertiary Structure

  4. Protein Stability

A. Electrostatic Forces

B. Hydrogen Bonding Forces

C. Hydrophobic Forces

D. Disulfide Bonds

E. Protein Denaturation

  5. Quaternary Structure

A. Subunit Interactions

B. Symmetry in Proteins

C. Determination of Subunit Composition