Imagine you are leaning against the outside of a vehicle in a parking lot.  Further imagine that the car body gently gives way under the pressure you have applied.  Not with any noise mind you, but rather  in the way that a beach ball might deform, in the way a NERF ball might deform.  As soon as you remove the force of your lean, that the body returns to its original shape.  No one screams and says, "You've dented my fender!" or "You've scratched my new car!"  Instead they just look at you as if to ask, "Are you done?" The body returns to its original shape with no apparent wear or damage.

Contrast this with the current situation.  You drive a perfect car off the showroom floor and bad things start happening to it immediately.

This eliminate unnecessary trips to the body shop.  This creates  a car that in the mind of the consumer has a new kind of value.  That new value is knowing that their car is robust.  Their vehicle is not easily degraded by the mishaps that occur in everyday life.This kind of approach could lead to a  rennaisance in automotive body design.  It is the future.   Who in our consumer audience will be interested?  Everyone who has ever had a dent, scratch or a fender bender.  That is a large population of customers.