A Cancer Pain Tutorial

A Comprehensive Visual Short Course
on Cancer Pain Management

About the Pain Tutorial



  • World-Wide Audience of Health Care Professionals
  • AAA "Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime", home, work, library, school
  • Allow for "Deep Lines of Questioning"
  • Encourages Collaborative Synergy
  • Programmed to Intercept Information at time of use
Progress in the Fight Against Cancer
  • "Hot and cold running knowledge."
  •  Moore's Law:
    "Every 18 months computers double in speed and halve in price."
  • Cancer is a genetic disease, therefore,
    Cancer is an informational disease.
    It is fitting to bring informational weapons to bear on informational problems.
  • Like the microscope to the histologist,
    or the CAT scanner to the radiologist,
    The networked computer is a powerful weapon in the war on cancer.
Further Reading: Getting Plugged In

Acknowledgements and Dedications

Dr. Pat Tank
Dr. Bob Burns
Dr. Bruce Newton
Dr. Richard Nicholas
Dr. Don DeLuca
Dr. Laura Hutchins
Dr. Cindy Kane
Dr. Kim Fifer
Dr. Reed Thompson
Dr. Jonathan Wolfe
Lauren Rodgers
Dr. Bill McIntyre
Randel Metz
Lynn Warren
Shawn Fulper
David S. Warren
Norman Fulper
Doris Ann Brannon
Eileen Fulper
Dr. Joseph Stone
Dr. D.H. Berry
Dr. Russell Sandberg
Dr. Stan Mittelstaedt
Life Art USA
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