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Debugging Chemistry Displays

User Checklist:

You must install the following software:

a) The free Chime Plugin for your browser to view .mol and .pdb chemical structures.
b) The free Chemscape ChemDraw Net Plugin to edit chemical drawings.
c) The free Chemscape Chem3D Net Stand Alone Application.

We do not recommend the Chem3D Net Plugin plug-in as it disrupts the Chime installation on most browsers requiring a tedious reinstallation of all chemistry and browser software.

Webmaster Checklist:

This checklist is for the server that is delivering the pages. Normally a client of these chemistry files does not have to worry about server configuration. Sometimes, when the server configuration is changed, the chemistry files will fail to appear. In that case it is necessary to contact the webmaster and ask them to run through this checklist.

You must install support for the following MIME types on the server:

Format Description
Mime Type


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