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" Where the footwear meets the hardware" - Unknown
Simulation is good, but the real thing is better. All the programs we have developed can run on
a PC platform and teach us a great deal about signal processing. We live in the day of the DSP
revolution. There are a number of DSP starter kits (DSK's) out there, including the SPEEDY-33
from Hyperception and SMU and the Texas Instruments C6700 series DSK. There is the TI
C6713, with an upgraded codec that is twenty times faster than the TI C6711 DSK. The C6713
includes a floating point DSP chip that can handle real time processing of audio signals at 96
KHz. It enables reproduction of ultrasonic signals as well as sonic ones. Now that is blazing fast.
Most of the examples in this book are ported to DSP hardware by replacing the simulation
function block with the corresponding real time function block from the RIDE library. These
function blocks are prefixed with the initials RT for real time. Monitoring the application is
facilitated by PC to DSP download and upload functions that enable data processed on the DSP
to be displayed on the PC, very handy for both debugging and parallel processing. Here is an
example similar to a Hyperception library example. It runs without modification on the TI and
SPEEDY platforms.

RIDE Example - SpeedyRTHeterodyne.lst
The function blocks for the TI and SPEEDY DSP products are included in the full version of
Hyperception RIDE(tm).