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There was a 6.0 Earthquake near False Pass, Alaska this morning. I have been keeping track of these for my earth tomogram proposal. While exploring it, I told my daughters the story of the migration over the Bering Land Bridge. However looking at the geography, I now think the migration may have occurred 810 miles north of that at a point where the USSR and Alaska are connected by a 54 mile gap, that is spanned at the 30 mile mark by a pair of small islands in the Bering Straits. The water was lower then if you believe that land bridge story.

We went in Google and asked the question, "Can you see the island from the land?"

The answer was yes. Whoever had the courage or insanity to sail from USSR to that island in frigid cold waters 30 miles and then to do the same thing 24 more miles would have discovered the continent of North America. You can click on the images to zoom in, or better yet, just download Google™ Earth and fly there yourself.

If you sail to this island from USSR, you can see Alaska and you can discover North America. Images are included in the body of this email. The island in the distance is actually one of two islands that are close together. The second is area code 99762 listed as the Bering Strait school district.


- Van

L. Van Warren MS CS, AE

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2005/11/20 12:53 M 6.0 UNIMAK ISLAND REGION, ALASKA Z= 53km 54.12N 164.17W

This information is provided by the USGS National Earthquake Information Center.

These parameters are preliminary and subject to revision.

A magnitude 6.0 earthquake IN THE UNIMAK ISLAND REGION, ALASKA has occurred at:
54.12N 164.17W  Depth  53km  Sun Nov 20
12:53:05 2005 UTC

Universal Time         (UTC) Sun Nov 20 12:53:05 2005
Central Standard Time  (CST) Sun Nov 20 06:53:05 2005

Location with respect to nearby cities:

  95 km (60 miles) SSW of False Pass, Alaska (pop 60)
 105 km (65 miles) E of
Akutan, Alaska (pop 700)
1155 km (720 miles) SW of
Anchorage, Alaska
1890 km (1170 miles) W of JUNEAU, Alaska