Dear Kate Hutton of CalTech


Hope this note finds you well.


I was the technical director of National Geographic's first "Earth from Space" project.

I subscribe to USGS Bigquake email notifications, for example today's Ecuador 5.8 event at z=266 km was deep!


I have been wondering if a dynamic tomogram of past earthquakes would be useful for teaching or briefing purposes.

The earth could be "cut open" or rendered transparently to show current events in a historic context, like hurricane plots.


Would you like to see seismic wave propagation animated from various points of view?

Would you like to see interaction with populated areas and geologic structures?


I would.


This is a concept sketch.



My background is finite element analysis, ray tracing, sonic studies and image processing.
I am wondering if we could discuss the possibilities for tools, tools that you and CalTech could use in presenting seismic events in times of need.

These same tools could have discovery value if they included fault databases, lunar orbit plots and reruns of seismic events.


Collaborative discovery is so exciting.


I just think it would be cool to see earthquakes in a moving animated context of wave interference, refraction and reflection.




- Van


L. Van Warren MS CS, AE


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