Don't just think differently…
Don't just  act  differently…
  Just  Be …  in 3D

Dear Be:

Let's kick back for a second and free-associate..
Let's put 311 on the CD Player.
Let's cut to the chase:

Some Disturbing Facts
1) As anyone who has spent time in the software business knows, a million lines of fine code can fall by the wayside if not given the opportunity to fly in a successful product.

2) The desktop world is locked up pretty tight.  It's hard to get noticed these days.  You can decapitate yourself at Hollywood and Vine.  People will barely turn their heads.

Be Needs:
a clever angle, an unusual strategy, a unique market access niche
to get a toehold, to get in, to flourish.

That angle must embrace the way people behave, the way they think, the way they are.

People are creatures of habit:
When they're used to something bad,
they won't change to something better,
if that something bad is getting them by.

So we have to make it easy for them.  We have to provide the right message in a different context so they won't say to themselves, "Oh, thanks but I already have an operating system."

"Fanfare for the common man"
One such market niche is wearable computing,
All the essential elements have appeared.
This keeps us on the leading edge,
without putting us on the bleeding edge.

TV AD … Jodie Foster puts on her BE THINKING CAP and makes CONTACT with the whole wide world wide web world wide.  "We are a GO for launch".  In a split second she is transported elsewhere.  Everyone else trudges through their boring day.
She does not trudge.  She is not bored.
Users will accept a different OS, ONLY if it comes on a completely different platform.
That, excuse the term, "Trojan Horse" is the computer you wear, as opposed to the computer that you sit in front of.
HOMER SIMPSON VOICE: "Must eat, Microsoft CE is coming"

Meanwhile Dr. Foster is suddenly in another part of the world.
We hear the announcer say:
 Don't just think differently…
 Don't just  act  differently…
  Just  Be …  in 3D

Part Two: Things To Consider

I know how to make this happen.
I can help you make this happen.
Blow by blow, point by point.

Call me.
- Van


© 1997 L. Van Warren · All Rights Reserved