"this" "is about" "c-myc gene"
"c-myc gene" "codes for" "c-myc protein"
"1: Nature 1992 Nov 12;360(6400):177-9" "is a citation for" "this""c-myc" "eliminates" "G1 phase arrest"
"G1" "is a phase of" "cell cycle"
"RB protein" "is a synonym for" "retinoblastoma protein"
"G1 phase arrest" "induced by" "RB protein"
"G1 phase arrest" "not induced by" "p53 protein"
"this" "authored by" "Goodrich DW"
"this" "authored by" "Lee WH"
"this" "authored at" "Center for Molecular Medicine"
"this" "authored at" "University of Texas Health Science Center"
"this" "authored at" "San Antonio 78245"
"RB protein" "when mutated can be" "inactivated"
"RB protein" "when mutated is" "RB protein mutated"
"RB protein mutated" "is found in" "tumor cells"
"RB protein mutated" "when replaced by suppresses tumorigenicity" "RB protein"
"RB protein" "negatively regulates" "cell growth"
"cell growth" " is promoted by expression of" "c-myc protein"
"cell differentiation" " is blocked by expression of" "c-myc protein"
"c-myc protein" "is located in" "the cell nucleus"
"c-myc protein" "associates with in vitro" "RB protein"
"c-myc protein" "may antagonize function of" "RB protein"
"RB protein" "reversibly arrests progression of" "cell cycle"
"RB protein" "can be microinjected to arrest" "cell cycle"

"RB protein" "can be comicroinjected with" "c-myc"
"RB protein" "required for inhibition of" "cell-cycle "
"c-myc protein" "required for inhibition of" "cell-cycle "
"RB protein" "can be co-injected with" "c-myc protein"
"c-myc protein" "does not inhibit" "p53 protein"
"p53 protein" "is a" "tumor supressor"

"c-myc protein" "antogonizes in the cell" "RB protein"