"this" "is about" "p53 gene"
"Cancer Res 1996 Jun 15;56(12):2781-8" "is citation for" "this"
"insulin" "binds to" "insulin receptor"
"insulin receptor" "is a" "protein"
"a promoter" "increases" "transcription process"
"insulin receptor promoter" "promotes" "insulin receptor"
"p53 gene" "codes for" "p53 protein"

"p53 protein" "suppresses" "tumors"
"insulin receptor promoter" "is decreased by" "p53 protein"
"insulin receptor" "is overexpressed by" "breast cancer tumor cells"
"this" "authored by" "Webster NJ"
"this" "authored by" "Resnik JL"
"this" "authored by" "Reichart DB"
"this" "authored by" "Strauss B"
"this" "authored by" "Haas M"
"this" "authored by" "Seely BL"
"this" "authored at" "Department of Medicine"
"this" "authored at" "Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism"
"authored at" "University of California"
"authored at" "San Diego"
"authored at" "La Jolla"
"authored at" "California 92093"
"authored at" "USA"
"insulin" "is required for growth of" "breast cancer tumor cells"
"insulin-like growth factor" is required for growth of breast cancer tumor cells
"breast cancer tumor cells" "overexpress" "insulin"
"breast cancer tumor cells" "overexpress" "insulin-like growth factor"
"insulin-like growth factor receptor" "antibody blockade decreases" "breast cancer tumor cells"
"insulin receptor" "transforms into tumor cells" "normal mammary epithelial cells"
"mutated p53 protein" "is associated with" "breast cancer tumor cells"
"p53 protein" "overexpression increases" "[insulin receptor]"
"p53 protein" "overexpression increases" "[insulin-like growth factor receptor]"
"p53 protein" "regulates expression of " "insulin receptor"
"p53 protein" "represses" "insulin receptor promoter"
"mutated p53 protein" "does not repress" "insulin receptor promoter"
"dominant-negative p53 protein(248Q)" "is a kind of" "mutated p53 protein"
"C/EBP" "is a" "transcription factor"
"Sp1" "is a" "transcription factor"
"C/EBP" "affects" "p53 protein"
"Sp1" "affects" "p53 protein"
"p53 protein lacking mice" "have elevated levels of" "Sp1"
"p53 protein lacking mice" "have normal levels of" "C/EBP"
"p53 protein" "inactivation up-regulates expression of" "insulin receptor protein"