relation("Cancer Res 1996 Jun 15;56(12):2781-8", "is citation for", "this", "where");
relation("insulin", "binds to", "insulin receptor", "what");
relation("insulin receptor", "is a", "protein", "what");
relation("a promoter", "increases", "transcription process", "what");
relation("insulin receptor promoter", "promotes", "insulin receptor", "what");
relation("p53 protein", "suppresses", "tumors", "what");
relation("insulin receptor promoter", "is decreased by", "p53 protein", "what");
relation("insulin receptor", "is overexpressed by", "breast cancer tumor cells", "what");
relation("this", "authored by", "Webster NJ", "who");
relation("this", "authored by "Resnik JL", "who");
relation("this", "authored by", "Reichart DB", "who");
relation("this", "authored by", "Strauss B", "who");
relation("this", "authored by", "Haas M", "who");
relation("this", "authored by", "Seely BL", "who");
relation("this", "authored at", "Department of Medicine", "where");
relation("this", "authored at", "Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism", "where");
relation("this", "authored at", "University of California", "where");
relation("this", "authored at", "San Diego", "where");
relation("this", "authored at", "La Jolla", "where");
relation("this", "authored at", "California 92093", "where");
relation("this", "authored at", "USA", "where");
relation("insulin", "is required for growth of", "breast cancer tumor cells", "what");
putative("insulin-like growth factor", "is required for growth of", "breast cancer tumor cells", "what");
relation("breast cancer tumor cells", "overexpress", "insulin", "what");
relation("breast cancer tumor cells", "overexpress", "insulin-like growth factor", "what");
relation("insulin-like growth factor receptor", "antibody blockade decreases", "breast cancer tumor cells", "what");
relation("insulin receptor", "transforms into tumor cells", "normal mammary epithelial cells", "what");
relation("mutated p53 protein", "is associated with", "breast cancer tumor cells", "what");
relation("p53 protein", "overexpression increases", "[insulin receptor]", "what");
relation("p53 protein", "overexpression increases", "[insulin-like growth factor receptor]", "what");
relation("p53 protein", "regulates expression of ", "insulin receptor", "what");
relation("p53 protein", "represses", "insulin receptor promoter", "what");
relation("mutated p53 protein", "does not repress", "insulin receptor promoter", "what");
relation("dominant-negative p53 protein(248Q)", "is a kind of", "mutated p53 protein", "what");
relation("C/EBP", "is a", "transcription factor", "what");
relation("Sp1", "is a", "transcription factor", "what");
relation("C/EBP", "affects", "p53 protein", "what");
relation("Sp1", "affects", "p53 protein", "what");
relation("p53 protein lacking mice", "have elevated levels of", "Sp1", "what");
relation("p53 protein lacking mice", "have normal levels of", "C/EBP", "what");
relation("p53 protein", "inactivation up-regulates expression of", "insulin receptor protein", "what");