Dolly Dagger Scares
The Best of Donut Boys

Eating scabs for dinner,

when AntiChrist comes true.

Dolly doesn't like him.

That makes Dolly blue.

Dolly in tall tower.

aims for the AntiChrist,

like a secret lover,

awaiting paradise.

Dolly in concrete.

Dolly has fresh air.

Water, rifle, space food sticks.

Backup scuba gear.

Secret Whining Assassin Team

Polished marching boots.

Can't behold the mystery,

of Dolly's ancient roots.

Peer through cement column.

Hole for Dolly's heel,

Hole for Dolly's rifle,

Can't see much from here.

Dolly's heel gives birth,

from a bedroom in the sky.

Dolly hangs a sign called home.

then adjusts her rear.

The hit itself, an evening out.

Gun cleaning if you will.

But hiding from the donut boys,

that is time to kill.

Survival of the fittest,

in the human race.

In a world of gutless wonders,

spitting in your face?

You can't kiss and tell.

Capsaicin is mace.

The AntiChrist has come again.

Who will take his place?

They'll crack and spill the beans.

On the day of wonder.

When the donut boys come dancing down

with rain, with hail, with thunder.

Twenty nine days on top of the world,

twenty nine days in the tube.

Twenty nine days till their eyes glazes over.

Dolly scratches her boob.

John Boy was no AntiChrist,

but he was no Madonna.

Two Roberts and an icon,

The kneading of the fauna.

A pillow mint from Dolly.

A service for humanity.

Whacking Hitler, or Pol Pott.

Makes a difference in eternity.

Everyone needs a friend.

Somebody on their side.

Once in a blue moon.

Once before we're fried.

Make sure he is the AntiChrist.

How can you make sure?

Forget it, that's easy,

the little mark of pride.

Think about a head shot.

Chest shot's bad, you know.

Podium in the way.

Not from studio.

Little Dolly Dagger

meet the NBA.

A little spinning bank shot

from that pool hall play.

A little bank shot screaming

hits the left side of the head.

That's Dolly's bullet whispering,

"the AntiChrist is dead."

Along the curved inside,

the devil leader's skull,

yanking out the cables,

scraping out the hull.

"Back and to the left"

an orchestrated move.

They'll have to watch the movies,

and talk about the groove.

They're searching the whole place.

Dolly hears the footsteps now.

Sure they'll check the column.

Looking for the "Pow."

We are tired. They'll say,

"He could not be here."

But that's just Dolly's hiding.

Time is not to fear.

"Don't get too close", while searching.

Dolly has a plan.

Long fall tower scaffold,

goodbye donut man.

© 1996 L. Van Warren * All Rights Reserved *