Big Store, Little Store

We have a dog. Our dog barks at burglars.
We like her to bark. Burglars come at night. Burglars carry guns.

Our dog has fleas. She gets them outside.
We don't like fleas. Fleas bite at night. Fleas carry disease.

The fleas jump off our dog into the carpet.
They lay their eggs in the carpet and make more fleas.

Every day we vacuum. To pick up the fleas.
Vacuuming is not fun. But we have to do it.

Our vacuum cleaner broke yesterday.
We went to the vacuum cleaner store.

The man at the vacuum cleaner store was upset.
"The big stores are driving me out of business."

I said, "Vacuum cleaner man, we need you". We had a long talk.
The vacuum cleaner man told me that things are bad:

"There used to be lots of little stores owned by a lot of little people.
A lot of little stores needed a lot of little people to run them.
When anyone needed something they went to a little store to buy it.
Everyone had money because everyone had a little store.

Now there are a few big stores owned by a few big people.
A few big stores only need a few people to run them.
When anyone needs something they go to a big store to buy it.
Soon no one will have money unless they own a big store."

Soon the big stores won't have anyone in them except someone else who owns a big store, or someone that carrys a gun, like the burglar outside our house that the dog barks at.

© 1996 L. Van Warren