Mat-deMat #1

L. Van Warren

FACT: Twelve year old Nicholas built an organizing system for our desks that let's us:
1) watch the TV, 2) adjust the stereo and 3) wait for our downloads. Stores CD's,
disks, and remote controls. Cost him $8.50 in parts from the store across the street.

FICTION: Materialize and dematerializing hasn't gotten to be old hat quite yet, we can save about five minutes a day in transit time through the house. Just being able to go through the wall instead of finding the door is a real convenience. Whew does it hurt when I don't wait till I'm completely clear to rematerialize. I was grabbing a ruler today and got my hand caught on the table, or should I say 'in' the table. I have to remember to wait. The big squeeze, as we call it, really confuses me, I forget which order to come back in. I have to actually stop whatever I'm doing, get my act together and then resume, not to mention the inversion damage. Oh well, practice makes perfect.