On A New Way To Speak

The first rule is:

“Tell the truth.”
This rule comes from God.

To tell the truth is not the same as
to tell all one knows.

The next rule is:

Try to use words with one sound.

This rule comes from Steele.

The third rule is:

Few words.

This rule comes from Beckman.

If time is short, the first three will do.

To help one who is stuck, there is a way to do it, that does not hurt so much. Some words bring blame or guilt or just don't work. One such word is why. There is a way to get to the same place. Strike why and use a phrase that goes through the mind a new way, but goes to the same place in the end.

The fourth rule is:

Strike "why".

Say “What went on that…?” for "what went on that" is the same as "why" in some sense.

This rule comes from Restak.

The fifth rule is fun.

Strike "you".

Say what is meant in a way that does not use this word. It is so hard.

This rule comes from Hyman.

So that is the list of rules of a new way to speak.

Try it with a friend.
At first one may laugh and laugh.
Then the
skill will come.
Do not try it on the boss at first

It is hard to speak a long time and not say the word in rule five.

If this all sounds hard and it is, try one rule per day.

Take it home like this:

Just truth with few sounds or words.
No why or you.

Try it now and have some fun.
Don’t give up till it flows with ease.

Some new rules come when these are done.
Please write me with the new rules found.

van - at - wdv - dot - com