Giving Pierce,
the Copperhead,
a Bubblebath.
(c) L. Van Warren
All Rights Reserved

PART ONE - Catching the Copperhead

Well, we found Pierce the copperhead in our back yard, back by the water faucet in the back of the house, where the kids play on the SlipNSlide.  The missus, she screamed and screamed anyone decided it was real enough to come and rescue her.  When I arrived the snake was lying straight like a stick with its head up, unfazed.  It craned its angular head gently like a scene out of a Nile painting.  There was something very ancient about its eye, a mere slit of yellow and black that seemed to take one back to the garden.   I think he was trying to fake us out like, "Hey, I'm just another stick".  I wanted to reach down and gently pick it up, "poor baby copperhead ".

I don't have a lot of experience catching copperheads or snakes in general.  I decided I wanted to catch this snake - who I shall intermittently call Pierce because of his weird piercing eyes - without touching it.  Touching a new thing for the first time takes some getting used to and I didn't want to be getting used to something while also trying to be good at it...  I told my wife and son to throw me a stick.  A stick that was near them but far from me and the snake.  I was a little frantic, this being my first copperhead capture.  Everyone was standing around, at a distance, staring, gawking, and not getting with it.  I had to yell at them, "Get with it".  I don't like yelling at people.  My son brought me a hockey stick and my wife brought me a big green laundry grass clippings  tub made by Rubbermaid.  I pinned the snake with the hockey stick, trying not to make it mad,,,  I didn't want it to think humans were out to hurt it.

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