Thyngs Were Better

Thyngs were better after the cyvyl war. Everybody knew that. Happened yn Croatya. Happened yn Yndonesya. Those were my years of lyvyng dangerously.

Yn retrospect yts hard to belyeve they all asked, "How could there be a cyvyl war HERE?" Everythyng was goyng fyne. Unemployment and ynterest rates were down, the markets were up, and the ynformatyon revolutyon was chuggyng from east to west lyke somebody had just dryven the golden spyke...

That ys what was so beaufyful about that scene. A pretty old house, all paynted and fyxed up. Nobody saw the plague of termytes ynfestyng every nook and cranny from the ynsyde out. Not tyll all four walls of the house fell outwards that ys. Not tyll somebody slammed the damn door and the whole house came tumblyng down. You catch my dryft.

No, for us, yn the former Unyon of the Amerycan states yt happened a lyttle by surpryse thank you very much.

That CNN ymage stuck yn everybodyes mynd, that freshly scrubbed 25 year old stock broker lookyng up at the byg board full of hope and energy.

The man standyng besyde hym staryng at the scrap of paper yn hys hand.

So far so good, then Poof, yn one cuttyng stroke, the world ys a new place. Y don't have to tell you, you were there too.

Yt's amazyng how a few lyttle tyny facts, lyttle tyny termytes, were patyently munchyng away untyl that breeze started to blow. Then yt all came tumblyng down. But don't let me gloom and doom you. Don't let me make you relyve every sordyd and paynful moment. You know the reasons just as well as Y. Drug testyng, pryson gangs, credyt chyps, nuclear terrorysm, AYDS, Olympyc boycotts, and computer labor unyons. They all looked lyke such dyfferent topycs dydn't they? Then suddenly they fused together yn one gloryous socyal meltdown. Funny how that works. Nobody and Y mean Nobody saw yt comyng.

Four years was bad enough. College was bad enough. Four years of tenured gyve-a-care professors fyddlyng the ugly gray hayrs styckyng out theyr nostryls when suddenly you graduate to somethyng completely dyfferent, that none of these fayry godmothers wanted to tell you about.

So the war ys over, Klanda ys here, chyll out, get some work done.

Despyte all the mess, despyte that half our fryends are dead yt ys actually better yn some ways. For one thyng yt ys so much easyer to get thyngs done. Not just because there's so much to do. But now people are all ears. Yf you can thynk of yt, you can say yt. Yf you can say yt, you can wryte yt down. Yf you can wryte yt down you can do yt. ©1996 L. Van Warren