The BeamCALC™ Brochure  

BeamCALC™ implements the metaphor of an engineering handbook of specialized calculators, each performing important routine engineering tasks that would normally be tedious or time consuming.

BeamCALC™implements the Euler Bernouli theory of beams in bending. BeamCALC(tm) holds modules for finding the shear, bending moment, deflections, shape, and stress for hollow and solid beams of rectangular, circular and I-beam cross sections. BeamCALCulators solve concentrated and distributed load problems for simply-supported and cantilevered beams.

The user points and clicks to specify a minimal set of key parameters for the beam of interest. A BeamCALCulator does the rest including generating a multipage graphical report printed out with the press of a single button.

BeamCALC™  Requires: Windows OR MacOS and Microsoft Excel